Mystery Indeed.

So I’m on the road to school,happy and excited when I remembered I haven’t updated. What the heck?

I’m thinking what should I write,just what and which mystery should I bring up. Being a Sherlock Fan this should be easy right? Wrong.

It isn’t,my mind is on school and the great breeze I am receiving right now. The only mystery going on in my head is just how my hostel will be like and just whom among my roomies I should be wary of.

The next mystery is my fellow travelers,two guys beside me,one constantly dozing on and off and the other tying and untying his shoes.
The first one must have had Eba yesterday night to still be dozing and the other-image matters.

He reminds me of a politician I know,the politician had a saying ‘With the right image you can never lose’ he has never lost so it works. I guess that’s what my fellow traveller is going for.

I on the other hand I’m simply dressed in a T -shirt,jeans and sandals. Sensible clothing if you ask me.

So my mystery question for the day is this :
When you squeeze a tube of toothpaste, how does it come out in three perfect stripes?

Just how does that happen? Its funny really and also simple to explain but think how come they don’t mix together in the tube?

Each of the different components have separate compartments within the tube. The nozzle at the top puts all the elements together on your toothbrush.

And now I’m going to lean back, enjoy this breeze and keep mysteries on hold. You can try solving a mystery and see if you can.