Here We Go Again

The weekend was marveltanstic,we went mountain climbing on Saturday. I thought I was going to faint at one point,climbing a mountain isn’t easy but worth it.

After we got to the top,we refreshed ourselves and played games. It was organised by Livingword Fellowship for Freshers.

Unfortunately while we were having fun the rain came down in rivers,we had to pack up and run,half way down the mountain to a shed where we had more fun. Thou we didn’t end up doing the Ultimate Search for treasures I was very happy. I also went to a seminar for Freshers and late in the evening to the market to stock up my food supply.

On Sunday I went to their church and I felt at home,still deciding where I will worship on Sundays,and I might just join them.

I am getting ready to start lectures,my department is very efficient. Tutorials were organised for us,updating us regularly and generally making things easy for us freshers.

The only problem I might have is the School’s SUG,they are dead set on making the Senate reduce the School Fees. I appreciate what they are doing but I want my 4 years to be 4 years.
I’m leaving this issue to Big Daddy to settle.

Away from School,a little Mystery should cheer me up, here is the Mystery question for today:

When we get out of breath, why do we put our hands on our hips?

I know I do it all the time,especially while I was climbing the mountain

When you do so, it takes the weight of your arms off your lungs, which allows them to get more air into them and increase the oxygen to your body.

That’s it,got to go and hear what the SUG are saying about a protest. Enjoy your day!