There Goes My Baby

My baby is gone gone gone,my baby is gone from me,please tell me where my baby has gone?…

Yes its true my baby left me,I just started rearing it up,was so proud of it and had great plans.

I was writing my first novel,almost through.
Unfortunately there was data loss on Nairaland,that’s where I wrote it,and now the only thing I have left is my faith.

Faith that it will be recovered,faith that it can’t be lost because that’s all I have,that’s what is not making me cry my eyes out.

I spent 6 months on it and it was in its final stage. A marvelous story about a girl who had to make a awful decision and find out about her past.

To chase away the pain I feel I turn back to my note and write. Not easy but I’m healing.

Today’s mystery question

Where does talcum powder come from?

They grind down the talcum stone to create talcum powder. It is mined in a quarry.

I am definitely going to remember that when next I rub it on.

Cheers,not all days will bring happiness sometimes you got to find it.