Starting All Over Again

I have decided to start all over again but this time,a new beginning. I’m going to write another story. Thou it might be irregular because I will have to write it in my note first then type later but I will write.

I don’t know what to write yet but I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to write them.

So here I am at home because the SUG are still fighting for us and luckily enough for me I bought handouts with me.

I’m not complaining,its giving me more time to compose poems,write and read of course.

History is a marvelous course and I enjoy it,I am deep in ancient Roman Empire and I imagine myself walking through the streets of Rome and clapping for the athletes at Olympia.

I got to go my little nephew needs me. Oh mystery question for the day:

Why do we get ON a bus, but IN a car?

When you get into a car, you’re getting directly into your seat. When you get on to a bus, you are walking on to it, then walking to your seat. Same with a plane, boat and train – you’re able to walk around in the space.