I’m in love with Ofili of Ofilispeaks

I seems to be in a battle with a certain Oma over this dude I am so much in love and we have agreed to get married soon.

I don’t get it,why is it now she decided to mention an introduction? It doesn’t matter it is just an introduction it can be cancelled and I can definitely forgive him for lying about having no one.

Love is patient and I can very well wait until this crisis is over,my love for him is that strong. I can’t blame him who wouldn’t want him: Successful,brilliant,handsome,funny and very loaded,every girls dream guy.

I am going to fight till he is mine,Oma you see that guy in black wearing glasses that has recently being following you,he is watching your every move for me.
Stay away from my guy!

Ofili we need to sit down and come out with this,i don’t want any girl to just come and claim you. We need to go out and announce our upcoming Wedding. Don’t worry Oma will have no access to you once we are married . I’m thinking of 3 kids,Alexander,Mo and Junior. Its going to be a beautiful marriage dear. Lets talk more on phone. I love you very much dear.


I wonder how many females had an attack while reading,it doesn’t matter whether it was Heart or panic attack,please just calm down.

As much as I admire Ofili marriage isn’t on my agenda for the next five years and as much as I love his work (I don’t know him enough to love him) I don’t think that’s enough for marriage.

I only took him up on his post ‘How to make a lie into a fact’ and it has being fun for me thanks for the inspiration dear.

I do love your works and I hope some day I will met you.


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