From Good News To Great News

So what might be good news you ask,I ask myself that question too while writing this: which one of the two stories should be the good news but what the heck good news,great news both are welcome.

The good news is that I am going back to school soon,the School Management reduced the school fees. Really good news but will the SUG accept it? I support the Student Union decision to stand by their words and make them reduce it but just how long will this go on?

Its painful that the FG isn’t doing as much as we expect but who can blame them with all that is going on in the country.
As for making ‘Shekarahu’ the education minister is a topic for another day.

The great news is that I got my story back! Yes and I’m going to post it here once I’m through with the editing. Was so happy to get it back that I was speechless for a few seconds- like seriously had no words for my joy.

Its a story about a girl whose life changed after meeting a family. Can’t say more than that,its my first novel and I got to finish it now because I want it published before October.

Its a gift for a marvelous and supportive aunt,will tell you more later.

Mystery question of the day:

Why does the letter X signify a kiss? You know the XOXO you end your sms with,ever wondered how it came about?

Some people couldn’t read or write, so they couldn’t sign their name. They would be required to kiss the ring of a priest and then write their mark, which would be an X, which was the way they were saying they had made the mark in the presence of God. So X became synonymous with kisses.

Odd and awkward but well facts are like that. Do have a wonderful day and get ready to scream TGIF!

I do pray you receive great news today and always.