Someone Is Watching.

Are you the type that loves to leave the door open? Forgets to lock the door before sleeping? Open windows without burglary bars down before sleeping so that heat doesn’t kill you in your one room apartment? Well I got news for you:Someone is watching.

Someone is watching your every move,waiting for the perfect time to leap and conquer. Am I making sense? If no there is more.
Behind you,beside you,around you,above you,someone somewhere is watching you.

This morning I heard one of the most shocking news I had heard this year. I don’t know if he was armed or not but a thief entered our compound,went to the boys quarters,stole and almost raped a lady.
All this was able to happen because she had opened her window so breeze could enter, because a certain power holding company didn’t supply electricity.

Her window had no bars just a net and she rarely open that window except when there isn’t electricity( which is often nowadays)
So no one saw anything,even the lady didn’t see him.

The thief almost raped her when he found out she had no money on her,its just by God’s grace he didn’t touch her. All this happened around 3 am this morning,to have imagined a thief in the house was the last thing I would never had thought of.

The thief didn’t use the gate,he left without a trace thou we found a few cleared areas on the fence where he might have gotten in and left through.

So we have nothing,no evidence except a shaking,crying young lady who still can’t believe what had happened and her missing tablet and phones.

So I’m pleading with everyone,please some people have no other way of making themselves happy than by stealing what other people had use their sweat to get.

Make sure your windows are locked,no electricity? Let heat deal with you,if you have bars on them ok if not get one as soon as possible,your life is at risk. The thief sliced his way into her room with a blade.

Double check the doors before going to bed and if possible (but with the rate PHCN is going I doubt it) always have your security light on,in front and behind ur place. It helps a lot.
And most importantly ask for protection from Jehovah,He is the only one keeping us safe from evil. We only try,He does the rest.
I don’t know who that thief is but one day his Karma will caught up with him.

Be extra vigilant because you never who might be watching you.


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