Finally! I Am Leaving.

All that begins well ends well.

After almost 2 months at home I have packed my bags and now I am leaving the comforts of my home behind to begin my new life as an undergraudate.

After what seems like an eternal strrugle between the SUG and the School authorities of Great Ife,school activities resumes today.

Yours sincerely is very happy and is grinning from ear to ear.

So I am off to school,on the road enjoying the marvelous smell of fresh air and the view. Can’t wait to be there.

I remember how I had to leave the school,trekking all the way from Moz to the school gate,it is one trek I wouldnt forget in a hurry.

My thanks to Big Daddy who made all this possible,He is simply Awesome.

More updates as I go,the road is free as I type so we are flying towards Ife,figuratively.


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