A Laptop from Mars!

A big sorry for not updating,lectures are something else. Running from one lecture room to another,assignments,deadlines – its just crazy and to top it all my phone broke down,I felt like I was the only one in school without a working phone.

But well life went on and so is my phone,its back but it deserves to retire. This week we had our marticulation,it was Fantanbulous. I and my friends took lots and lots of pictures unfortunately I can’t send them. Reason? My phone – it will take forever to load,which is why I need a laptop.
With a laptop assignments will be done with ease,articles wrote easily and posted on time,deadlines will be met,soft copies of text books I’m met to get I will just download them on my system.

To get a laptop I need a 5.0,(smiles) with God guiding me,piece of cake.So I got to wait for a whole semester thou at the moment I am dreaming it might just come earlier,like MTN deciding to reward me for being a loyal client,lol as if,or one of my numerous uncles and aunties send me one for my birthday.

Yes this is my month,my birthday comes up in two days and thou I am not celebrating I am expecting gifts. A big shout out to my lovely nephew who is 4 today,longlife,wisdom,knowledge,understanding,creativity,courage, shall be his In Jesus Name,Amen. I love you dear and have fun.

Side news: This week we had a scare of Ebola in OAU,you know there is something about information. Yes it spreads like fire but sometimes one just need to confirm things.

I received a text message informing me,a OAU student,that there was Ebola in my school,news I haven’t even heard in the school. I could only chuckle and shake my head,until the case was proved to be negative people didn’t accidentally bump into anyone or shake hands. It got to an extent that they sold gloves,masks and parents called to tell their kids to come home if it was proved positive.

Wouldn’t blame them thou,would have done the same without thinking twice but still no information is better than false information.

My promise of an article per week still holds,if my phone decides to let me down I will go to the cafe.
Wishing you a marvelous week ahead and stay blessed. X


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