I had my birthday in peace and not in pieces,no water was poured on me,I wasn’t beaten and I didn’t cry lol :D.

Also went mountaineering with my course mates,it was fun,we played games,cooked,sang,took pictures and had a marvelous time.

Got an assignment on Persian Wars which I am gladly doing and will review tonight.
Anicent civilizations is one of my favourite courses.

Electricity hasn’t been constant in OAU and is affecting us. Night reading is dying because of this issue. Tomorrow will make it a week that electricity hasn’t being supplied to the hostels. Its a sad state and SU are asking students to boycot lectures until it is restored.

I got a test tomorrow,I am relaying on God to see me through. I know electricity will be restored just when I don’t know.

I miss mystery thursdays :|,will soon continue it.
A big shout out to dilwan thanks dear. Have a blessed day.