The Semester Begins

The semester begins.

So to welcome us back I was given two assignments,four books to read,one presentation,one paper work,one map of Europe to know by heart and all in all it been a wonderful week.

Our results will come out by the ending of this month and with the little I have seen I know where I am heading. I thank Big Daddy for every thing because it was all Him,always faithful and merciful.

I will like to talk about the Amerindian Civilization,which to me is a fascinating part of history,that is my presentation by the way. Amerindian civilization is use to refer to the indigenous civilization that exist in pre Columbian era ,pre Columbian era is the era between the upper paleolithic settlement to the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus.

Christopher discovered America in 1492 and after that the Europeans explored the continent.

The indigenous people were the Olmecs, the Mayas,the Incas,the Aztecs,the Chibchas,the Zapotecs,the Toltecs,the Teotihuacanos,the Mixtecs and the Canari people.

The earliest migrants were from Asia and they roam around the continent in bands until they settle down and built empires.

By the advent of the Europeans, their civilization have been thriving for more than 15,000 years.

Some groups such as the Maya and the Olmec had their own written texts.

The great Amerindian cultures furnished civilization with many impressive contributions,particularly in astronomy, mathematics,agriculture,art and architecture.

This may sound odd but the most fascinating part of their culture is their human sacrifice ,humans are offered as sacrifice to the sun god. They believe that the sun was going to destroy the earth so they offered the sacrifices with the hope that it will delay it. Slaves and captives are used for the ceremony.

The king and the priest handled the rituals ,the heart is cut out and offered to the sun god. After it has been done they have a feast to celebrate.

After the advent of the Europeans their civilization declined ,most of their written text and artifacts were destroyed, the Spanish considered evil. Eventually the Europeans took over and colonized them.

I hope you found that interesting,I will continue Mystery Thursdays and also add some new ideas and concepts. Once again thank you for been faithful do have a marveltanstic week. X


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