A Path My Conscience Loveth.


Responsibility smiles at me,
How tempted I am to shun him
But my conscience,
Good man that he is,
Won’t let me;
No matter how good
I present my case.

My walk with Responsibility
Hasn’t been smooth,
Oh no,
More mountainous
Than I could have imagined
That is the only place I find peace,
For my conscience wouldn’t sleep
Until he leaves me walking on that path.

Many at times
I had planned coups:
Some near success
Some too terrible to recite.
My conscience only laughs at my attempts,
Shaking his head
He tells me;
Its only a matter of time
And this recent madness of yours
Will pass away

I try to argue but then I sigh and agree,
For I know too well
How right he is.
Oh Responsibility,
Be fair,
Let us be in War or
In Love if you please.
Let us find a compromise,
That may somehow
Enrich you and I.

For there are days,
When that path
That leads me to you;
Drains me
Of my humanity.



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