The Case Of The Green Grass.

So school is in the thick of things again,no lectures, no water,no light,no bus,talk about the green grass suffering the fight of 2 elephants.

This started on Friday with a peaceful protest by NASU to remind the School Management to pay them their 62 month arreas allowance and the School Management is yet to make an official statement.

Since Monday,activities on campus has come to a stand still,only a few fortunate ones attend lectures as they were lucky to have lecturers who got into campus before 7:45am,that is when the school gates are locked.

Mixed reactions have trailed this new development, some student wants to go home,some are indifferent and some wants to stay. I want to stay ;my four years will be four years, no amount of strike will change that.

I really don’t know what is going on there but I believe if anyone works hard enough and does what is expected of the person,he should be rewarded. I plead on behalf of the student body as we are the ones suffering ;please settle this matter on time so we can move on with our academic studies.

And now I go back to my books;I am taking a course in French and I am brushing up my skills so as the French will say- A bientot .


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