Let the Holidays Begin.

It has official been a week since I left that stress-pumping citadel of learning and believe me I have been enjoying the break. I have read 2 books,watched 3 movies one which is John Carter, awesome movie by the way, dusted out my novel in the making, getting use to the boys again,oh don’t get me started on the boys. I love them  but jumping on and over me? Mispronouncing my name and hearing a continuous ‘No I want to sleep’ every day except weekends at 5 am and if I don’t move fast enough ,a kick in the face. That’s just a pinch of the Iceberg. Let me not bore you- yet.


I miss my colleagues, they are everything you can imagine your siblings to be  but I do miss them. Well it hasn’t been all play and rest,I have been working too,one which included getting my BVN. So the BVN is like an identification card and only you can use it,it connects your other bank accounts and very soon you will be able to pay for your shopping expenses with your thumb.

I don’t know if I should be relieved or scared ,going back to ‘thumbing’ -is that progress or regress? I am not sure everyone is comfortable with this. In this present generation of technological advancement it is very easy to get a finger print,there are many shows these days that tells how to go about it. I will rather stick to my ATM card for as long as it lasts.

So I am back,I got new ideas,I got books to read and yes I will do update.  A bientôt .


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