Congratulations to Ify the Chicken.

I was meant to write this yesterday but I was held up doing lots of things . Yesterday a very good friend of mine went for a competition and like all good friends I knew in my hearts of hearts that He was going to win and I told him not, (we don’t want egos falling). Later that after noon my thoughts went to him again and I was just having happy thoughts so I knew definitely it was going to be good.
  Then imagine my joy later that evening when he announced he had won. I was so happy I knew and predicated it (even if only I knew of it) and here I am using this medium to congratulate him once again on his win at the debate. I knew his fireworks of a mouth and wide range of knowledge  will always be useful.  I pray he wins many more to come.
#Proud Friend

OK hmm…back to the pumping stress (free)ful life on campus and yes I got converted to start writing once again by Ofilispeaks article on The Maya Angelou quote that made me write everyday. More to come in my next article.


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