Peace Finally,Back to Square 1.

As a well seasoned satellite (or a year and a half as one of my lecturers will say),I watched as part one students complain about the lack of water and electricity and I wonder who had watch me as I had  also moaned over the same thing last session . Some were so pissed off that they packed and moved off to stay with friends in town.

It isn’t new, it isn’t old its just a tradition, every semester there would be shortage of electricity and water to the hostels. The SUG will rise up,boycott lectures,go on protests,threaten strike and just a day before the appointed time all these amenities will be restored. Although a few people will want the strike to go on everything will go back to normal.

Its a bit annoying to watch this occur every semester, been given the same excuses and responses,the boycott the threat then restoration.  Students could not read for two straight nights,that is murder,book murder I believe its time for change. Yes,the generator needs rest, no problem use solar panels much more effective or better still find an alternative source of power. We shouldn’t suffer for something that could have been dealt with before we resumed .

I am glad that electricity have been restored and right now I am going to make sure I charge everything chargeable in the room.


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