Your Criticism Is Really Needed! Sincerely…

This is an excerpt from an ongoing novel,please send in comments letting me know if I should continue or improve . Cheers. ( Exams start today)

Chapter 7

Bestie thinks I’m lucky to be here. I smiled sadly,no I’m not lucky,it was more of an escape than an holiday as most people think.
After my escapade that day with Aunty Jumoke,we have being avoiding each other and we rarely talk. I tried to but she always silence me up with a look.
We were like strangers living in the same house.

One Saturday just after my post utme I was making Ogi and Aunty Yewande was frying Akara. It was our family tradition,every Saturday we had Ogi and Akara and today was no exception.
I poured ogi for each of us in bowls,ever since that day I haven’t made food for her but because today was Saturday and because I made the Ogi I dished Aunty Jumoke’s own too.

I was trying to be nice for goodness sake she is my blood sister. Even my class snob I didn’t treat the way she is treating me but I bear it all because she is my sister and because Mom asked me to.

I took the bowls to the dining,collected Akara and kept them in a bigger cooler. I also took that to the dining table,I took sugar and milk from the shelf and set the table.
Everyone came out for breakfast,our dining was nearer to the kitchen in fact only a wall and a door separates them.
Mom prayed over the food and we all eat. I was sitting beside mom as usual and Aunty Yewande and Aunty Jumoke were sitting opposite us backing the kitchen door.

Aunty Jumoke took four cubes of sugar,three spoons of milk and added hot water to her Ogi then she mixed it all up.
She took six pieces of Akara in a plate and dig in.
She tasted the Ogi and swallowed it,pausing then she bited into an Akara and chewed.

‘Yewande,She said,you have really improved. Your Ogi is way better than the last one you made and the Akara is perfect well done’

I smiled,Aunty Jumoke just complement me and she didn’t even know. I grinned and ate my Akara.

‘The Ogi wasn’t my work but am glad you like the Akara’

I looked at Aunty Yewe and begged with my eyes not to tell her it was me and she seems to understand. Unfortunately the glowing feeling inside wasn’t meant to last.

‘So you let mom make the Ogi?’ She asked after swallowing two spoons of Ogi.

‘I didn’t make the Ogi Jumoke’ Mom said and continued with her food.

Aunty Jumoke had just swallowed a spoon of Ogi when she realised who did,she hurriedly stood up and went to the kitchen to throw up. She was seriously throwing up like she wanted everything in her stomach out.

‘Jumoke she ko si? Mom asked pausing to check if she was ok. (I hope there is no problem)

‘Mummy bawo le se ma funmi ni ounje ti ki ni ye se. Do you want me to die? She asked (how would you give me the food this thing prepared)

And there was I,sitting right there and she was talking like I wasnt there. I lifted hurt eyes to mom’s and a tear dropped.

‘What nonsense are you saying? Isn’t the same Ogi we are all drinking’ She asked her,she was getting angry and her voice shook as she asked.

Aunty Jumoke was unmoved ‘She could have put something in mine and since am not ready to die…’

She took her bowl of Ogi and poured it down the sink in front of our eyes.
I couldn’t take it anymore.

‘How dare you? I screamed standing up I went to met her in the kitchen. We were almost the same height just a few inches more and I will be as tall as her.

‘How could you accuse me of poisoning you? Do I look like a killer to you? I asked her,I was red in the face already and I tried controlling my self.

She hissed and pushed me out of the way and unfounately into the path of the shimmering oil that was sitting on the sink. The impact was short,the pain brief until I heard myself screaming loudly.

‘Ki lo fi she Omo mi? Mom shouted running into the kitchen. There was no need for an explanation, Mom’s face answered it all,I saw Aunty Jumoke face hold remorse for a second then it was gone when mom started shouting on her. I closed my eyes and tears started to form,the stinging was acurate and it seems to spread,I clam up and bear the pain internally. I felt a coldness and then soft hands lifting me. I felt the bed and knew it was Mom’s.

‘Gbe Vasline wa,sa re’ Mom called out.

She rubbed it in gently yet I still felt the pain but I held it in. Some thing kept dropping on me but I refused to open my eyes.

‘It is going to be alright,I promise you. You are going to be safe. Nothing like this would ever happen again’

She sobbed into my hair. I turned my exposed arm away from her falling tears as they ignite the pain. I really wished I didn’t,for she started a weeping party that went on forever.