Sights and Sounds Of The Night.

As the sun’s auburn rays start to go down,tensions which had filled the city diffuses slowly. You start to see smiles on those thousands of scowled faces which had passed by and will continue to. The artificial lights start to play taking dominance from the Sun. Only those who bother can see the moon and the stars are out. Most people can only see what fun is ahead after a hectic day at work. Horns and music fills the air, what would have freaked out people in the day was now a kind of solace. 

There is no rush,just calm anticipation,so many options available and not all are decided by your wallet. Just at the corner side a street show is going on drawing people from their leisure walk home, the joints are filled to the brim,whirling waitresses and waiters hurry to fill orders made,voices so high the lowest is the pitch a child makes trying to draw his mother’s attention. 

A child points at the akara seller at the road side,the aroma had gotten to him just as those teeming around the woman. Its obvious what he wants,his hopes high;his mother shook her head and tries to drag him away. He starts to wail believing if he does enough she will buy,poor woman, she can only hide her reluctance by chanting his ‘Oriki’ but even that did not work,lifting him up so that they could move someone taps her shoulder and offer her son a wrap of akara she protests but he collects and thank them. How nice the night make some people and how bad some turn. 

In a dark alley three blocks away from a night club alive with people swaying to the latest beats,one lone person is been cornered and coerced into doing away with their belongings even to the shoes on his feet.

Young couples holding hands walking down another street leaves much to the imagination just as sellers hawk everything from drinks to appliances. And how sweet their words sound as they convince you the merits of one product to another. And if one isn’t careful one might go home with hands full of goods and little cash.

It is a good thing the sky is not clouded with rain which would have soak to the skin those who had decided to make the sky their roof,the queue waiting for the next serving of akara and even the sellers who roam the streets still the Sun comes back to claim it’s spot. Nothing not even the rain stops the city at night.​
Even with the rain a band of merry makers drunk, just a like ,will evade arrest by the smartly dressed police officer who just want to stay dry and 30 minutes later an ambulance goes running by to pick them all up. Racing back to the hospital just in time to save them. 

The doctor sigh and hung his coat,another shift done,another to take his place. He puts a call home to inform them of his coming. The children jump up in delight and try to stay awake but lose the battle to sleep. How they do it with the next door neighbour’s dog barking only goodness know. Its only a warning to the school boy who had jumped in from the school fence who was sneaking out after lights out to savour the night life. Everything fascinates and amaze,all senses are put to use. Common sense might fly away all in the haste to get one’s fill. 

Grab common sense and you would have grabbed your wallet and if lucky you might not spend the rest of the night in a police cell for being somewhere at the wrong time. Even when they,the people of the night,end up sleeping they dream of the night and in an effort to shift back if possible the worries that the Sun rises with. 


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