TBA-The Results.

TBA has come and gone, there were surprises and ‘what the heck’ moments, without further ado the winners of the categories goes thus;
Overall Garçon

This was voted down by the sponsors saying it might not be a good idea at this time. It’s sure a sad parting but we know who won it in our hearts.

Most Helpful.

Undisputedly Tani won hands down, be it in the kitchen, in the rooms, outside Tani is always helping out even if you say no. 
The Loud 

Claiming Tani’s title is Teni. He won unopposed but then it wasn’t a surprise, le garçon can shout, scream, and mourn for Africa 24/7.
Innovative Garçon

Clicking his second win is Tani, just as he is helpful, he can also bring up get ideas that wows.
Mum’s Boy

Teni won it and we all saw it coming. There have been no better mom’s boy then he is.
Daddy’s Boy

Teni. No surprises here. The Dallas boy clung the title without even lobbying for votes. 
Mr Climber

Teni. I actually thought this will be a draw but as the voters will have it he won with 3 votes.
Most Outgoing

A surprising draw as I was so sure Tani will win it, however the people had their say. 
Most Outspoken 

Tani and Teni. A draw I was somehow expecting but thought it might lean more towards Tani but here we are.

Jerry of the Mansion 

Another surprising draw. They both deserve it, there hasn’t been a moment I didn’t want to laugh, scream, cry, applaud, commend or correct them. The characteristics of Jerry indeed.
This is where we say goodbye, thanks for tuning in for this awards, next year there will be larger voters, larger prizes and better sponsors. Until then …au revoir!


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