​You want to know what duty means? Duty is when you are dead tired ,you are pissed off, you are uncomfortable yet you go ahead to do what is expected if you. 


Red Haze. 

I am too lazy to power the energy behind hate, I would rather love. 


As Summer Comes To A Close. 

As I get ready to go back to school, I look back at my Summer/September,the lessons learnt  ,the laughter shared, the antedocates created, the bittersweet taste of been reproffed and the delights. 

It was a relief when I got home, less calls, less eniquires, no running for 8am classes. I totally relaxed. Well …until the Boys get back. I learnt that old habits die hard in practice as I still woke up at 4am. I also learnt that grudges should be taken with a pinch of salt.

On the boys, I learnt that only patience work with them, you need to listen extra hard and have your emotions in check.  I wouldn’t forget the laughter, they made so many comments that made me laugh. 

The other day I gave Tani some books to read and he started complaining, I asked what was it and he said I was punishing him, I asked how he said I gave him plenty books to read. Three fairy tales books not up to 30 pages. I laughed so hard I coughed. And it wasn’t always running away from reading,  Teni in a bid to prolong his time before bedtime decided that he didn’t want to bath that he would rather do more assignments. I love the Boys. 

They also said some really insightful things that made me pause and think, out of the mouth of babes… When I hurt my feet Teni soothed me telling me sorry over and over again even though it wasn’t his fault, got me a balm and asked me not to cry then he asked he I will like juice. This might seems normal and OK to you but this is an adorable three years old boy. He re-stole my heart at that moment.  Tani isn’t far behind telling me he would always defend me because I was good. Aww.

Of course I am not perfect, I got correct many times and most of those times I felt bad but I learnt from it and moved on. I re-learnt that whatever was worthy doing was worthy doing well. I gain new skills in the kitchen, thanks to aunty. 

Yes Lagos Comic Con was awesome, my birthday was great, I love the love showered on me, I am grateful for my  gifts. There was a cosplay competition at LCC and the guy in an Assassin Creed clothing won taking home a whopping sum of #150000 that is a cool sum.  I also participated in Spoof Animation Competition and was selected top 5 . I was just glad people love my idea of how a drawing should look like. 

As I go back to Ogba Femi for my last semester, I know there will be challenges,there might be frustration and tears, I might get pissed off and be annoyed,i know project may cause me sleepless nights, I might lose friends and make new ones whatever it might bring I am glad and grateful that I made it so far, gone was that naive teenager going so far away from her home for the first time knowing no-one there to a young lady who could hold her own. I have been taught, I have learnt and I am still learning. I am grateful for every opportunity that comes my way and I have Big Daddy to thank for that. 

One lesson that I have learned and would always keep is that :do unto others what you want done to you.  You should do the same. 

Now I am going to relax and enjoy the ride to school. Ogba Femi here I come!


To Nigeria At 57

I was born a Nigerian

Molded for greatness

Since it is the Father’s Will

Then His plan will come to pass

Through me Nigeria shall prosper

Through us Nigeria will soar

Beautifully,fearfully and wonderfully made

Despite Nigeria’s bloody history

Here we are making progress 

Even if slow and labourious 



United we must remain 

For only through this 

Can tremendous progress be made

For it is through progress

Can we move Nigeria forward

Let’s not forget the reasons for independence 

Despite our differences 

Our common optimistic view of life

Helps in propelling us forward

I am a Nigerian 

I’m proud of it

I will make a difference.
Viva Nigeria! 

And It All Ended well.

It’s no news that my bobo was seven yesterday. It was awesometabulous with a little bit of drama but what do one expect from the little sport? I couldn’t keep still and I mostly likely jump around, it was pure bliss. 

So the day started with prayers of thanksgiving and blessings,then unwrapping of gifts,a mini photo session and advise from the elders. He celebrated with his classmates and took pictures. I for one was in the background getting this and that for the home ‘invasion’. 

A little party of our own;jollof rice and spicy chicken,with snacks, drinks, chocolate Icecream and sponge cake. You may guess it was fun as music blared from the TV considering it was a school night. 

Although the Talk Queen(Aunty Blessing) got into a tussle with Tani that made the celebration a little sour,I proclaim it was bittersweet and in the end went awesome.

Happy Birthday my smashing partner in mischief I couldn’t have wished for a better nephew and month mate. Many more would you celebrate and songs of Joy (Orinayo) will never leave you. Aunt K loves you. 


Guess which mischievious duo are celebrating their birthday at Lagos Comic Con on Saturday? 🙂